Thrifty Tweets E Book by Gemma Lou

I come from an era where you had to make do and mend rather than the throwaway society that we live in now, so it comes as second nature to me to be thrifty. I also like to live as green as possible so that I am being as kind to the environment as I possibly can and of course this really fits in with a lot of thrifty ideas. I would rather save money on every day things so that I can splash out on a treat such as a holiday now and then.

The author has made a collection of frugal tips that she has previously published as a tweet on Twitter or on her website. Some are things I already do as a matter of course, some great new ideas and a couple of things that are just that bit too far that even I wouldn’t do, haha! I like that she has collated them into sections for household, utility, etc making it really easy to dip in and dip out.

I think this is a great book for anyone who already lives a frugal lifestyle or for those who are giving themselves a money makeover.


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Safe Survey site that really pays

I’ve just joined YouGov surveys and it’s really easy to earn cash (claimable once you’ve got to £50 of points) or bank to points towards a bigger cash draw prize. Quick and easy to register, they send you a survey on your opinion on current affairs and modern life that take a few minutes. They take less time than they advise. I find around 5 mins max.  It’s that easy and they are very quick to do. And they’re actually pretty interesting to do.

You can sign up here