Qedertek solar & battery powered lights

I’ve got many sets of solar lights in my garden  but this is my first set from Qedertek. The thing I like most about these is the size of bulb, very small only about 4-5mm so they are ideal for threading through plant branches so you just see the lights at night rather than the bulb itself. I’ve actually put these on the window sill in my conservatory with the sensor facing outwards to pick up the sunlight to power, but as this set of lights can also be powered by battery I am confident that I will still be able to use these in the winter months when there is less sunlight.

Very happy with our purchase here.




SatinNaturel Organic Argan Oil

I am a big fan of Argan Oil using it daily as a massage oil and rubbing into my hands and nails as a conditioner. This Organic Argan Oil for Satin Naturel comes beautifully packaged thus making it extremely suitable for gifting. The oil has the light argan fragrance but nothing artificial added and is light and smooth in texture. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and quickly. I am very happy with this product and it is comparable with other quality Argan Oils that I have purchased in the past. I am more than happy to recommend and buy again, but with a large 100ml bottle it’s going to be a long time before I need anymore so at the current price it is good value.



Eric Yian Adult Baseball Cap Hat

We are always a little dubious purchasing clothing from the internet due to sizing and quality but this hat is excellent in both respects. My husband has a large head but it fits perfectly in circumference and depth. It has a long wide peak perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun. It is made of good quality fabric and is well stitched.

Happy to recommend.



Ansio Battery Operated Christmas Fairy Lights

I ordered two sets of these lights in a warm and bright white but they also come in multi-coloured. Attractively packaged and supplied with batteries, you simply unwind and you’re good to go. The battery box is easy to open and there is a small switch to operate on/off/flashing. The wires appear to be of good quality and the bulbs are small, delicate but bright.

Happy to recommend these lights for your Christmas tree, window or table decorating.




GeMoor 50Pack PREMIUM Mosquito Insect Repellent Bracelets Deet

This bumper 50 pack is incredible value for money. I have ordered the wristbands before which just give us some added protection against mosquito and bites when walking in the woods.

Each bracelet or tag is individually packed keeping them fresh until you are ready to use. Lots of colours to chose from which is important so the kids all get to choose their favourite colour without arguments. The tags are all one colour blue.

The bands are soft silicone and can be put on any size wrist.
They are quite thin so you don’t really notice that you have them on but they still look ok.
The tag bracelets feel soft when worn.
The smell hits you as soon as you open the pack, it’s certainly not anywhere near as strong as others I’ve tried, very light citronella fragrance.
These are much nicer and healthier for you than a spray as they are made with 100% essential oils and contain no deet.
You can wear for more 7 days protection.

The stickers come in a variety of colours with 6 in  a pack. These went down a treat with the kids who were happy to stick them over their clothing for added protection, although these didn’t smell as strong as the bands.

My only negative is that all the labelling is in Chinese so not so good when marketed on a UK site, but not so important as it is self explanatory how to use.



Packatape Clear & Ansio Brown Packing Tape

Happy to recommend both these tapes. Purchased recently from Amazon costing less than 50p a roll. Far better quality and quantity than those from £1 shop and cheaper too.





Cliganic Professional Nail Files Emery Boards

I have very course thick nails and have always bought professional emery boards from my Beauty Cash & Carry rather than those available in the high street. These are thick with a course paper, perfect for toe nails and strong nails which need a lot of filing down.  They are comparable in quality with those I have bought professionally. Extremely happy to recommend these 5/5