WINSEE Retractable 5M/16 FT Dog Lead

We ordered this from Amazon with it being in the cheap to mid range price bracket.
On opening I was impressed with the quality of the handle which was quite heavy duty and comfortable to hold.
The metal clip that attaches to your dog’s collar is robust but smooth to open and close.
There are instructions in the box which show you how to lock the lead in an instant, keep locked and release again. All straight forward once you have read.
The lead will release a little if you put considerable force on it (but only in small amounts about a cm) If you have a small or medium size dog it is not an issue.
The lead itself has reflective thread through both edges.

Happy with this purchase for our needs and the price paid.



Professional Pet Grooming and Thinning Scissor Set

This set of two scissors come in a wipe clean leather look case with a compartment for each pair, protected by a fabric flap.
Each pair are well made, and silver in colour.
The thinning scissors work exactly as they should.
The cutting scissors are sharp and cut well.
Both are extremely comfortable to hold and use with the finger rest. I found I needed to take out the finger inserts.
They are a nice weight that allow good control of the cutting action.
Although these a pet scissors I have tried on human hair too and find them comparable in quality and comfort with the pair I currently own.
Both pairs have a tensioning screw but I have not had to adjust at the moment.
I really like these and would recommend for home use



Professional Deshedding Tool and Pet Grooming Brush – D-Shedz by Thunderpaws

Best Professional Deshedding Tool and Pet Grooming Brush – D-Shedz by Thunderpaws for Small, Medium and Large Breeds of Dogs and Cats with Short or Long Hair by Thunderpaws

Even with short haired dogs grooming is an ongoing task so I’m always happy to try out new products that might make it easier.

This arrives in a blister pack card type packaging that is easy to open just by lifting the side flaps.
As the tool is in two parts this is quite handy as you can restore it in the packaging, making it easier to find once you’ve put it in a drawer or cupboard after use.
It’s a nice bright yellow and black plastic with metal blade.

It is comfortable to hold and the dogs enjoyed it being used on them.

It produced lots of loose hair so was effective in use.

It also comes with a 3 month guarantee so you can buy with confidence.



Tidy Ridey Car Sun Shades baby toddler child pet

This pack of 4 shades come in a popper fixed plastic wallet with a presentatation header card so suitable for gifting if required.
Inside they have a further silver carry case too.
Each shade folds easily and neatly back into these cases for storage.
On opening you find that one side is mesh and the other has a plastic coating.
To apply simply stick to clean dry windows and they stick without need for suction pads.
We have been using for several weeks now and have had no issues with them falling off.
They are a good size and provide protection from sun and glare for passengers.
We are happy with this product and would recommend.

Teenitor® Set of 4 Collapsible Dog Cat Pet Bowl Silicone

These are ingenious.
They come as a pack of four, each individually presented in a resealable bag so you could always give some to a friend or family member if you didn’t want all 4.
Each bowl arrives flat as a silicone disc with a clip on the side which makes them easy to attach to a bag or rucksack strap.
To use you simply pop out and it makes a bowl.
To close you push back in and it’s flat again.
They are very lightweight to carry but strong in construction.
I think these would last quite a long time and for the current price which works out at only £2 each you cant go wrong.
We are happy with this product and would recommend.

Aodoor Soft Dog Harness

The harness I ordered was a size small for a Yorkie cross which fits him well. It is adjustable so would go large if needed, so the size guide of small to medium dog is accurate.
It is bright lime green and black with fluorescent stiping on the straps and trim.
All the stitching is tight and even.
The fabric is thick and of good quality. It has a breathable fabric layer on the inside.
The straps are thick and secure with the option to adjust by tightening or loosening the amount of strap through the buckle.
The fixing buckles are easy to use and clip into place securely.
There is a good quality thick hoop on the centre of the harness to clip the lead onto.