GeMoor 50Pack PREMIUM Mosquito Insect Repellent Bracelets Deet

This bumper 50 pack is incredible value for money. I have ordered the wristbands before which just give us some added protection against mosquito and bites when walking in the woods.

Each bracelet or tag is individually packed keeping them fresh until you are ready to use. Lots of colours to chose from which is important so the kids all get to choose their favourite colour without arguments. The tags are all one colour blue.

The bands are soft silicone and can be put on any size wrist.
They are quite thin so you don’t really notice that you have them on but they still look ok.
The tag bracelets feel soft when worn.
The smell hits you as soon as you open the pack, it’s certainly not anywhere near as strong as others I’ve tried, very light citronella fragrance.
These are much nicer and healthier for you than a spray as they are made with 100% essential oils and contain no deet.
You can wear for more 7 days protection.

The stickers come in a variety of colours with 6 in  a pack. These went down a treat with the kids who were happy to stick them over their clothing for added protection, although these didn’t smell as strong as the bands.

My only negative is that all the labelling is in Chinese so not so good when marketed on a UK site, but not so important as it is self explanatory how to use.


Beauty Bon Make Up Brushes

I ordered two sets of Beauty Bon Make Up Brushes – the black set of 10 and the pink set of 24.
The black set are my favourite having far more compact bristles. They come without a pouch but are all individually covered.
The pink set makes a lovely gift coming in a pvc type roll pouch.
These are great starter sets for anyone looking for a variety of size brushes for make up application. They are extremely soft, lightweight and comfortable to hold.


Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Cushion

I suffer with back pain anyway but more so when I sit at my computer. This cushion has given me extra comfort and support and encourages good posture. It is very well made with no loose stitching and a removable machine washable cover. So far I am extremely happy with this cushion and will continue to use it. Please bear in mind it is quite thick so if using at an office desk you may need to adjust the height of your chair to accomodate the extra height you will now have.


Seagull Knee Support Neoprene Knee Brace

The knee support is very well made. The fabric is thick and stretchy, the stitching neat and secure and the velco is VERY strong. It has long wrap around velcro bands at the top and bottom to ensure the support is fitted securely, and a further strap around the middle. This also gives some extra scope in size. As it is made of neoprene it is warming too so helpful to reduce pain from the cold. This can not only be used to convalescence but also for sports, injuries and arthritis. It is comfortable to wear, could wear clothes over the top and he would recommend it. The best thing is there is no synthetic chemical smell to this knee brace which I have noticed on a couple of others that we’ve had in the past.


Yasi Water Flosser Oral Irrigator

My dentist advised me to get an oral irrigator to help with a build up of plague especially at the back of my mouth. However, at around £70 they were way out of my price range. Luckily I had the chance to test of the water flosser from Yasi which is currently selling on Amazon at less than half that price.

The unit comes nicely boxed with USB charging lead, stand and 4 nozzles (you will need your own plug). Although it does have an instruction booklet I would highly recommend watching the video on their You Tube Channel as it explains so much more about the nozzles and how to use it (link below). I didn’t, and ended up getting soaked and trying to floss with a nasal attachment!

To use, you fill up with warm/tepid water from the tap (this is important as even slightly cool water feels harsh on the gums) Then chose your mode and press on – for beginners I would certainly recommend the point control and then maybe work up to soft. The water lasts around 30 seconds of a normal floss so you may need to refill once or twice. Once finished you turn on to evacuate any residue water before placing in the stand until you next use it.

It certainly takes some practice to get the technique right but once you’ve got used to it, it does leave your mouth with a lovely fresh clean feeling.

As mentioned there is also a nasal irrigator and nasal brush attachment which is useful if you suffer from allergies, again easier using the point control.

Watch on You Tube

Available from Amazon with 20% discount use code:ESGHQPZI    



Deluxe Erotic Adult Jenga

Deluxe Erotic Adult Jenga

These arrived quickly and come in discreet packaging.

They come boxed and also in a drawstring bag so easy to store either way, also discreetly packaged.

Instructions are printed on the side in both English and German.

The blocks are stacked neatly.

They are good quality wood with clear printing/engraving in both English and German.

Examples of Jenga quotes : “Pretend to have an Orgasm”, Feed the person on your left with your mouth”, “Where would you really like to have sex but never  have, describe in detail” and “have you paid for sex”

Great fun adult party game


Hard Skin Remover, AVANTEK Electronic Pedicure Foot File and Callus Remover

Hard Skin Remover, AVANTEK Electronic Pedicure Foot File and Callus Remover, 2 Coarse Rollers, Blue from AVANTEK

This arrives in a nice presentation box depicting the item, so is suitable for gifting if desired.
Inside is the device, additional roller, cleaning brush, silky storage pouch, 2 x Duracel AA batteries and instructions that contains diagrams.
The batteries are easy to insert by twisting the base compartment open, sliding in and closing again with a twist.

The gadget itself is blue and white and made of strong shiny quality plastic.

It is turned on by sliding the button up – again of good quality.

It is easy and effective to use by simply holding over the area of rough skin and allowing the roller to remove the hard skin.

I have been wanting one of these for years but always made do with a pumice stone. I’m very happy to now own this one by AVANTEK. I would recommend this both for quality of the item and effectiveness of use.  I award  5/5 stars