GeMoor 50Pack PREMIUM Mosquito Insect Repellent Bracelets Deet

This bumper 50 pack is incredible value for money. I have ordered the wristbands before which just give us some added protection against mosquito and bites when walking in the woods.

Each bracelet or tag is individually packed keeping them fresh until you are ready to use. Lots of colours to chose from which is important so the kids all get to choose their favourite colour without arguments. The tags are all one colour blue.

The bands are soft silicone and can be put on any size wrist.
They are quite thin so you don’t really notice that you have them on but they still look ok.
The tag bracelets feel soft when worn.
The smell hits you as soon as you open the pack, it’s certainly not anywhere near as strong as others I’ve tried, very light citronella fragrance.
These are much nicer and healthier for you than a spray as they are made with 100% essential oils and contain no deet.
You can wear for more 7 days protection.

The stickers come in a variety of colours with 6 in  a pack. These went down a treat with the kids who were happy to stick them over their clothing for added protection, although these didn’t smell as strong as the bands.

My only negative is that all the labelling is in Chinese so not so good when marketed on a UK site, but not so important as it is self explanatory how to use.


Car Back Seat Organiser by Parent Geniuses

This great back seat organiser has so many little pouches and pockets, it’s ideal for travelling families. It is well made with even secure stitching,  easy to close clasps and has a wipe clean fabric.

Happy to recommend this product




Rechargeable Portable Mini Handheld Fan by Pomisty

Love this little fan. It is so versatile. It can be hand held or folded shut to sit on your desk. If folded it fit back in its’ box for easy storage or carrying around.

I like that it comes with it’s own rechargeable battery which is ready to go on first use. It can then be recharged with the USB lead provided (you will need your own charging plug or device). This is also great if you are out and about and have a power bank so do not need electricity to charge.

It is 3 power settings, from a light breeze on the lowest to something fairly powerful on the highest. More than adequate to cool you down.

If hand held it is large and sturdy enough to sit comfortably in an adult palm. Folded shut it is sturdy to sit on a work surface. There is a small clip that can be added for desktop use but I didn’t feel this worked particularly well.

At £10 I felt it was slightly pricey (especially as the box and instructions give the impression of it being cheap Chinese rubbish) but I can’t fault the product itself. Very happy to recommend.



Ice Pack Freeze Boards by prepAmeal

We ordered these to replace bulky heavy ice packs that were many years old. As they are slim in dimensions 16.5cm x 11cm x 1.5cm they slot into a cool bag inbetween or down the side of items ensuring the whole bag contents stay cold. They are well made and easy to wipe clean. We’re happy with the product but feel they are currently a bit overpriced at nearly £9 for a set of 4. If the price came down a bit we’d happily recommend them.

Buy on Amazon Here

InsigniaX Travel Money Belt Waist Wallet

This is deceptively large and can easily fit all your airport essentials leaving your hands free to handle suitcases and children. I found it handy to take to the beach too as I could fit in my sunscreen, money and phone.
It is very well made with two freely moving zips. There are two compartments to keep your belongings separate when needed, the front having ample room for a phone and packet of tissues.
It has a thick adjustable waist strap and sturdy plastic clip buckle.
I am very happy with this purchase.


Mimoday Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

Mimoday Bluetooth Speakers Portable Wireless Shower Speaker 5Wx2 with Enhanced Bass, Ipx5 Waterproof and Shock Proof, Portable Speakerphone Built-in Microphone for indoor and outdoor Use (Black) by mimoday
It arrives in a quality presentation box so suitable for gifting if desired.

Inside is a well written user manual, the speaker, a charging lead, and aux jac lead.
The speaker is very robust and well made
The charging/aux points are hidden under a rubber panel at the side and the on/off and volume controls are descreetly positioned on top of the speaker and do not stand out from the sleek design.
Again both cables are quality (I often find I need to use my own with gadgets but not this time).
I left to charge overnight before the first use – it has a red flashing indicator light which turns blue when ready.

To turn on and off you press the circular button down for a few seconds until it beeps and the volume is operated by pressing the – or + .

I initially wanted this to play my ipod with aux lead rather than blue tooth and as you will see in the video, you simply plug in and play.

I then tested with my phone and connected to wireless internet and Bluetooth. My phone found the device within a minute or so and I was able to play the music that was stored on my phone or from You Tube via wireless internet connection (see video)

It is an excellent sound quality for a portable device,  and very good volume level which I was able to adjust via the speaker or on my phone or iPod.

Due to the size it’s easy to take with you to work or the beach or if you wanted to play music in a different part of the house that doesn’t have a sound system in.

I award  5/5 stars without a doubt and would definitely recommend. This is as good a sound as my wired iPod deck.


UPDATE – A year later and it’s still going strong

Dot&Dot Travel Bottles

Initially I wondered what would be so special about these travel bottles for the price bearing in mind you can buy them from Poundland so was pleasantly surprised when they arrived to find they are SO much better.
They arrive in their own plastic zip case (further protected by a thin resealable plastic bag) so perfect for taking through airport security without the need for additional bags.
Each bottle is made of thick silicone that gives assurance it will not split during transit.
The lid and screw top are well made and easy to open and close.
Each bottle has a suction pad on it so you can stick it to the bathroom tiles of your hotel room.
On each lid there is an option to display different labels for each product ie shampoo, conditioner, sun, lotion or just blank.
They are easy to squeeze when full.
I am extremely happy with these and would buy again.
UPDATE These have been used several times since purchase and are still going strong