Packatape Clear & Ansio Brown Packing Tape

Happy to recommend both these tapes. Purchased recently from Amazon costing less than 50p a roll. Far better quality and quantity than those from £1 shop and cheaper too.



Chef Remi Kitchen Shears Scissors

I’ve tried cheap kitchen scissors before and it really is a false economy, however, these scissors are mid range price but are comparable in quality to the Kitchen Devils and Wilkinson Sword Scissors that I’ve had before.

The are lightweight and comfortable to hold with crisp sharp heavy weight blades. They make light work of cutting through meat and herbs, and are also marketed as a nut cracker and bottle opener. As a keen crafter, I have tried them on fabric and they cut through effortlessly and smoothly.

I am extremely pleased with this purchase and am more than happy to recommend.
Currently only £4.95 on Amazon and also available direct from Chef Remi themselves.



EVERSTIX Adhesive wall hooks 8 pack

I have tried so many different so called adhesive hooks in our bathroom to hang our flannels up, and none so far have managed to stay up despite only having to hold up a light weight.

This box of 8 are sturdy and sticky. To apply you clean and dry the are, peel off the protective backing then stick firmly to the wall/surface. With the backing being clear, I did find I needed to push out air bubbles with a dry cloth but so far they are sticking up well.

Happy to recommend. My only regret is that I didn’t order the patterned ones.

At the time of ordering they were around £5 for a box of 8. They come in a handy box so you can store them without damaging them or risking them getting lost in a drawer.



G.A Homefavor Whisk with Inner Spiral

After going through so many cheap whisks, I decided to order something a little more expensive. This nifty whisk  is well made and comfortable to hold. The additional inner spiral whips things up a treat.

Happy to recommend this.


Allure Bath Fashions Anti Slip Chenille Bobble Bath Mat

This bath mat is so much nicer than the photo. It is of good quality and comes rolled up so ready to use from the packing.
It has a nice thick soft even bobble texture that is comfortable under foot providing a non slip surface when you step out of the bath or shower.
It dries quick and is machine washable.
I would be happy to recommend this item, however, be aware that the colouring is slightly out on the pink. I ordered thinking it was hot pink but it is more of a salmon pink. Still nice though.



LnLyin Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge

I was very sceptical about the claims of Magic Erasers, but after having seen many favourable reviews and comments online about them, I gave them a go and was astounded at the results.

Basically they are quite a dense sponge that you wet with a little water then rub on pretty much any mark on many different surfaces and textiles. I particularly like them on skirting boards and door frames as they effortlessly take away scuff marks. I do use them on walls but you do have to take care not to rub too much as it will take away the paint too.  They are good for removing tea stains from cups and spoons too.

This pack of 10 were bought on Amazon for little over £2. They are grey in colour, rather than the bright white of a branded sponge, but that is only cosmetic as the grey doesn’t come off on what you are cleaning. I would say they are not as good quality as the branded version as they do crumble quickly, but for the price these still work out far more cost effective.

I happily recommend these.



Pavoi® Stereo Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker

This neat little speaker is small enough to carry around easily yet sturdy enough to stay put, so ideal if you want to move from room to room, or take out with  you.
It is easy to operate and you can in/decrease the volume by holding down the +/-.
It has a really good sound quality and can reach loud volume.
I use by connecting an aux lead to my iPod but it has a bluetooth option.
Once charged it gives several hours playtime.

The only negative, which is true of many bluetooth speakers, is that it speaks to you, to tell you it’s aux/bluetooth etc. It also tells you when it’s low battery which may actually be quite useful, but “the voice” told me that repeatedly at 5am! Lesson learnt though I now actually make sure it is turned off after use.

The negative is not enough to stop me using it though as it is a minor irritation, in comparrison to the great sound and price of this speaker. Happy with purchase.