Taylors & Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Green Tea with Strawberry & Vanilla Tea Bags

These are my new morning drink and I am loving them.
I was advised to drink a green tea first thing in the morning a half an hour before breakfast to aid digestion by a nutritionalist.
I sometimes find that green tea can be a bit tart or leave an aftertaste in your mouth and thought these sounded rather nice so decided to give them a go. They are delicious, the smell nice and are very light and refreshing, the perfect start to the day.


Alpro Dairy Free Desserts

Due to some ongoing medical ailments, I decided to try going Dairy Free in my diet to see if it made any difference. I wasn’t too concerned as I’m not a big cheese eater, I’d found that rice milk was a suitable replacement in my tea and coffee but my big downfall was going to be chocolate. I LOVE chocolate! I eat at least one bar a day and saw it as a necessity as much as an addiction. So whilst searching out what dairy free products are out there, I came across Alpro desserts. The vanilla is a good custard replacement but the chocolate puddings, especially the dark chocolate ones are to die for . They are smooth, light but filling and definately give you a tasty chocolate hit. Thanks to these I have been able to give up my daily chocolate bar in a totally pain free way. Not only are they low in fat and calories, they have cured my chocolate addiction. And I’ve lost a few 1lb in weight too. They can be found in most supermarkets in the free from aisle or long life products.


Hint Wellness Cold Care Premium Tea

I am a big lover of tea and sadly I am also a big sufferer of colds, this year has been a particularly bad season for me so my immune system is suffering too. As soon as I saw this product I jumped at the chance of trying it out.

It comes in a lovely bright foil sachet that is resealable by pressing the top plastic tracks together which ensures that your tea will stay fresh.  The reverse of the packet shows you how to brew, ingredients and a Thank you from the suppliers (who are a small family run business). As well as lots of natural ingredients and flavours it’s comforting to see there are zero calories in each cup and 150% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. There are all the ingredients you’d expect to find in a traditional cold remedy like Echinacea, lemon, honey, ginger and lemongrass which I think is the predominent aroma that hits you as soon as you open the packet.

There is also advice on the packet to check with a health professional before taking if you have any medical condition, are taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding. I checked with my pharmacist and it was fine.

To brew you simply add a teabag to a mug of boiling water and leave to steep for 5-10 minutes. I find 5 is adequate and to be honest I couldn’t wait any longer as it smells so nice. It has a really light refreshing fruity flavour that doesn’t leave any after taste.

3-5 cups a day are recommended. I have tried just with water and also with a little almond milk on one occasion which was nice in the evening.

I have enjoyed drinking these and will continue to enjoy the rest of the pack.  Like any cold remedy you can’t really know if things help or if the illness has just run its’ course, but there does seem to be a lot of research that shows the ingredients in this tea do indeed help.

At the time of ordering the product was £15.99 and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.

Product link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hint-Wellness-Cold-And-Flu/dp/B0171OZKZM

Goodness of a cracker, texture of a biscwit from Fox’s

As a long time fan of Fox’s biscuits (or biscwits) especially the chocolately ones, I was delighted to see that they made crackers too as I had never seen crackers by Fox’s before. I loved the way each portion of crackers are individually wrapped to keep the rest of the box fresh, not that they last very long. These had a lovely biscuity texture with all the goodness of a wholemeal cracker. I had mine with ham, cucumber and watercress and it made a nice light but filling lunch. I will be stocking up on my next shopping trip. I really enjoyed these.

The Snack Organisation presents….. indulgent looking affordable snacks

I’m always on the lookout for new snacks for the family, and as we’re trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle these bags of freeze dried fruits interested me. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but got a surprise opening the first pack (apricot) noticing that they resembled little pieces of honeycomb.  On biting into them you get that sweet but unmistakeable tangy flavour of apricots, and they can indeed be counted as one of your five a day as they are 100% natural, but the texture fools your body into thinking it’s getting something decidedly naughtier.  They are so versatile too as they can be eaten straight out the bag, so nice and easy when you’re on the go, or they can be added to smoothies and yogurts and ice-cream when you want a bit more of a treat.

They have a lovely long use by date (not that they’ll last long if your family like them as much as mine). Suitable for Vegetarians and Gluten Free too.

As for the rice crackers, we’ve had these when you feel like being a bit more indulgent. The Teriyaki are your standard rice cracker flavour that you are very likely to get carried away and not know when to stop, so easy to devour with a nice crispy crunchy texture.  The sweet chilli have far more kick for those of you who like more of a spicy flavour. I put these out at a recent party and they attracted lots of positive attention.

So aside from getting it totally right with the texture and flavours, The Snack Organisation Presents…  have come up trumps with the price and packaging. I think you’ll agree both look far more expensive than the mere £1 a packet that are being charged for in the shops which makes them ideal for parties and giving as gifts – they would make a great addition to any Christmas Hamper that you might be making this year.

Available in Tescos and Sainsburys for only £1  a pack!


The Collective Dairy Coconut and Lime mini-pots

Wow just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, The Collective Dairy have gone and done it again! As a family we are big Collective fans using the sucky pouches and 500g tubs but this week I noticed a smaller tub of 150g in my local supermarket so thought I’d give it a try.  A flavour I’ve not seen before and I was unsure of what it would taste like but it just works – coconut and lime mmmmm, you’re not quite sure if it’s the flakes of coconut or the tangy lime that you’re tasting but they just taste so good together. Supplied with a spoon inside the lid so great if you’re on the go or fancy it in your lunchbox. Since I’ve had one to eat as is, I’ve also used as an ingredient in cakes, goes great in a chocolate sponge to add just a hint of something more.


Bioglan Superfoods – Chia & Flax

I was super excited to get the BioglanSuperfoods Programme as part of the Tesco Orchard programme because I love to try new things and  I’m on a bit of a health kick  trying to eat better and exercise more. Thing is I’m a bit fussy. But I LOVE the Chia+Flax with it’s versatility and ease of use. I’ve sprinkled on salad, stirred in yogurt, mixed in with fruit on a smoothie and even added a spoonful into cake mixes. No-one has noticed any difference in taste but I know that I’m really helping my cholesterol and to maintain healthy bones which as I’m approaching 50 is something I’m very concerned about.  I liked that Tesco online gave us lots of advice about this programme with links and recipe suggestions.