Eat like a Spartan Ebook by Daniel Cook – Mediterreanean Diet & Recipes

I like to read about different sorts of diets and flick through to find new recipes to try. I have to say this has been my favourite so far.

The author Daniel Cook gives a lot of information on the history, benefits, myths and principles of the Mediterreanean diet. He encourages you to look at it as more a way of life than a diet where you deprive yourself. Hey you are even encouraged to have a glass of wine a day so I think this will go down well with a lot of people, haha! It is all about changing your ways as well as your food intake to maintain an active balance of work, play, socialising, healthy eating and exercise.

You are given an example of a 7 day meal plan, a 30 day exercise challenge then pages and pages of recipes for breakfast, mains and smoothies.

The author also offers further free recipe books and offers to his readers. I thoroughly enjoyed this a good read with lots of recipes to try.


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Thrifty Tweets E Book by Gemma Lou

I come from an era where you had to make do and mend rather than the throwaway society that we live in now, so it comes as second nature to me to be thrifty. I also like to live as green as possible so that I am being as kind to the environment as I possibly can and of course this really fits in with a lot of thrifty ideas. I would rather save money on every day things so that I can splash out on a treat such as a holiday now and then.

The author has made a collection of frugal tips that she has previously published as a tweet on Twitter or on her website. Some are things I already do as a matter of course, some great new ideas and a couple of things that are just that bit too far that even I wouldn’t do, haha! I like that she has collated them into sections for household, utility, etc making it really easy to dip in and dip out.

I think this is a great book for anyone who already lives a frugal lifestyle or for those who are giving themselves a money makeover.


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5 2 Diet Beginners guide Ebook

I’ve seen friends who have lost weight on the 5 2 diet. This is a great introduction to the whys and hows of this way of eating and losing weight and what effects it actually has on your body. It tells you of the types of food and drinks to go for as well as a meal plan example for the first week. A quick read but great insight for those considering this diet.  I really enjoyed this book.


Low Carb Recipe Cookbook Ebook

We’ve all heard about and seen friends that have reduced carbs to lose weight. This Ebook is a comprehensive selection of recipes for low carb mains, sauces and salsas and sweet treats from different countries. All sound very enticing and easy to follow. I look forward to trying some out.  I also like the bio about the author so you know you’re in good hands.


Ebook – Healthy Dessert Recipes

As we are all becoming more health conscious there’s always the trap that you stop yourself from having the odd treat. I used to love baking but stopped because of all the calories in cakes, there was just too much temptation when we were trying to diet. But now thanks to this recipe book I can put my bakers hat on again. My favourite sections were the cakes and cookies but there’s also chapters on smoothie and fruit puddings, so there’s something for all tastes. All recipes are diabetic friendly with low carbs. I also like the bio about the author so you know you’re in good hands.