rihachan MEN’S Leather Reversible Belt for Men 1.4″ Width

This belt arrives in a plain light coloured box with the company logo on the front – it looks smart enough for gifting if desired.
We ordered black – is is a shiny leather finish and the underside is brown with similar finish.
The buckle is heavy duty with a brushed dark steel finish.

We ordered size 43/44 inches and the size guide is accurate. It is punched with 7 holes which will allow for waists between 41 and 47 inches with room to punch a couple more holes if needed.
It also comes with a brace for punching holes.

It is a smart belt, of good quality and has the proper leather smell to it.
Very happy to recommend this belt

I award  5/5 stars for good quality and fantastic price.


Plemo Jewellery Stud Earrings Silver Plating Clear Stone heart rose gold

These arrive in a quality rose and golden coloured padded fabric presentation box that is suitable for gifting and makes them look far more expensive than the current selling price.
On opening the studs are displayed on a raised velvet backing,
The studs are small (less than 1cm) and very pretty in rose colour gold plated silver.
The have a strudy backing which sits securely and is also rose gold in colour.
The shaft is silver, of average width and length so comfortable to insert into your ear piercing.
They have caused no irritiation to ears.
We are happy with our purchase. 

Bandana turban hairband Baby toddler girl by Amy Parks Store

These arrive in just a clear plastic bag but inside each headband is individually wrapped in its’ own resealable plastic bag which in my opinion makes them perfect for gifting, ideal for Christmas Stockings and such.
Now even though they are advertised as baby turbans they will fit and age even a small adult due to the stretchiness.
Each one is made of incredibly soft, good quality, stretchy tshirt material.
All have invisible seams with no loose threads.
The colours are bright and print clear.
I would have no hestitation in recommending these especially at the current price. 

Yakira Glasses Cases – adult and child

Happy Frog Glasses Case – Green from Yakira Eyewear £5.99

This lovely fun case arrives only in a plastic bag packaging but I think it would still be suitable to give as a gift once taken out of the bag.
It is lightweight with a hard shell covered with smooth green fabric.
The interior is a soft grey fabric with plenty of room to store any pair of glasses.
It opened and closed with a bright green zip.
It is reasonable quality and is going to be loved by young and old alike.
I award   4/5 stars

Macau Glasses Case – Purple from Yakira Eyewear £7.99

This case arrives only in a plastic bag packaging but I think it would still be suitable to give as a gift once taken out of the bag.
It is lightweight with a hard shell covered with a textured patterned purple fabric.
The interior is a soft grey scratch resistant fabric with room to store a pair of slim glasses.
It is help shut with a hidden magent.
It is good quality and my favourite amongst the cases I have received from this buyer.
I award   5/5 stars

Maddie Glasses Case – Pink / Purple from Yakira Eyewear £9.99

This case arrives only in a plastic bag packaging but I think it would still be suitable to give as a gift once taken out of the bag.
It is lightweight with a hard shell covered with a pink and purple satin finish fabric.
The interior is a soft bright pink scratch resistant fabric with room to store a pair of slim glasses.
It is help shut with an interior magent.
It is resaonable but I don’t think this case warrants the current price tag
I award   4/5 stars


Travelambo RFID Blocking Mens Wallet Genuine Leather Bifold

I ordered this, not only for the fact that my son needed a new wallet but the fact that I am becoming increasingly concerned about the thread of identity theft, fraud and quite simply having money stolen from your bank account, and this wallet has the RFID Blocking Function.

The wallet arrives in a nice looking gift box, very plain just embossed with the Travelambo logo, but it is of good quality and would make this look a very expensive gift if you were buying it for someone else. On opening the wallet is further protected by a layer of tissue paper.

The wallet itself is made of nice soft leather that has that lovely new genuine leather smell to it. The wallet is too embossed with the Travelambo logo on the inside and outside. Inside you have two back pockets for notes and 6 cards slots on the front of the open wallet. There is also a lift up window suitable for storing ID with a further 3 card slots on the back. So there really is plenty of room to store all your cards and money with the benefit of knowing you have added protection against theft.

I would recommend this wallet, it really is a nice looking and good quality functional item.

My family and I always check reviews before buying any products so that we can make more of an informed choice and see further photos of the actual product rather than a stock photo. We in turn like to share our thoughts on products and services that we have experienced. This product was received free in exchange for feedback and an honest review. We have tried to give as much information as possible. At this point in time are able to provide a review based on short term usage. However, we will return to this review in the future to re-comment if we are able to add any additional information.

At the time of ordering the product was £12.99   and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.

Product link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Travelambo-Blocking-Wallet-Genuine-Leather/dp/B01BXTLWNK

Novelty Bow Tie

I ordered this as a novelty item that would be worn with fancy dress. I figured it was cheaper to buy the ready made bow tie than to mess about making one myself.  There was a huge choice of colours and styles and I chose the rainbow colours.

I am very happy with the quality of this item. All the stitching is secure and invisible. The tie fits by simply hooking the clasp. The length of the range can be adjusted by a simple slide mechanism and goes all the way up to 17”. My husband has a thick neck and it fitted him fine with room to spare.

I would recommend this item. For the money you really can’t go wrong.

At the time of ordering the product was £2.99 with free delivery.

Product link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01CYG0JE4

Men’s Reversible Belt Real Leather Classic Style 35MM

After years of buying cheaper belts that are ok for a while but end up splitting, you get to realise that this is something that you really do need to spend that bit more on, and it really does need to be made of real leather to get long-time usage from it. Unfortunately our young adult sons are not in a financial position to go and spend the same on a belt as they would on a pair of shoes, so buying this was a great opportunity to get a quality product at a reasonable price.

As the belts are on Amazon Prime we were able to order and receive next day. The package arrived in a secure box. On opening I was amazed to see that the belt was packaged in a shrink wrapped gift tin. The tin itself is stylish and of good quality in a matt black finish with a silver logo. The belt is then further protected in two layers of logod tissue paper. The entire packaging makes it perfect to gift someone.

The belt is 35mm wide making it thin enough to fit in the waistband of all jeans and comes in sizes from 34 to 48 with 5 punched pin holes which gives you another 100mm flexibility in length. The end of the belt has a neat tapered edge.  The buckle is heavy duty in chrome with nice clean lines. As this belt is reversible the buckle has a clasp underneath so that you can take it off to turn the belt around. This is very stiff and I needed to use the edge of a screwdriver to lift it – this is not a negative point as you obviously want something secure to hold your belt buckle in place. Reversing the belt to the alternating colour was then easy just by pulling out and threading back through with the opposite colour.  The colour options on this belt were brown and black. The black is a matt and textured and the brown feels smoother and has a more mottled colour effect. The leather is extremely soft  and very well stitched on both edges.

The seller also gives tips on care for your leather to prolong its’ lifetime and keep it looking good.

I would recommend this belt.

 PRODUCT LINK http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01AL15DOA