Phillips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Firstly I should point out that you will need to make sure that your microwave is big enough. Modern appliances should be fine but my parents’ old fashioned microwave was too small.

Luckily ours was ok.

You will need to make sure that your microwave is clean before use. (This is easy to do by heating up a bowl of water with some lemon juice in for about 2 mins, which loosens up any dirt residue and makes it easy to wipe over).

Using your steam sterilzer is very easy. Just fill the base with 200ml of tap water, put four Avent bottles onto the ridges of the blue plastic base and then fix the lid clips at either side.

Refer to time guide depending on your wattage of microwave but it’s all done in around 5 minutes.

It’s excellent for storing and carrying around spare bottles if going on holiday or even to visit family.

It’s a good clean lightweight piece of kit with nice smooth edges so easy to keep clean.


Trimollient Spray

I was lucky enough to trial Trimollient spray for 4 weeks. I used it predominantly for excema on my inner elbows and psoriasis on my outer elbows.

It comes in a nice clean natural looking can but there was no instructions for use printed on the can (unaware if this is because mine was a sample or not). To use you simply twist the top which uncovers the spray nozzle so this is great in preventing any accidental sprays. I used twice daily on each area. The spray shoots out at an angle which may be ok when covering a large area such as back, chest or thigh but it wasn’t much good for the areas I was using on as most of it misses. I tried to get a better aim to no avail and in the end resorted to spraying into my hands and rubbing on. The packaging is a big fail for this product. Maybe I had a faulty container?

However, the emollient itself is really good. It is light and soaks in almost immediately and requires little rubbing in. There is no sticky or heavy residue left. It has a minimal fragrance that is neither unpleasant nor pleasant.

It was extremely effective at calming moderate skin irritation, reducing both the redness and itching. I had one week of extreme stress where my skin flared up considerably and it didn’t do much to sooth that but nothing else does either. Once my stress levels and skin were moderate again the Trimollient was effective once again.

So in summery the emollient is brilliant and extremely effective, I would highly recommend it, I just feel that on this occasion it was let down by lack of instructions and usefulness of the can’s spray direction. If it sprayed at a 90 degree angle that you could aim to desired irritation I would have no hesitation at giving Trimollient 5/5!

Colleer 42 Pockets Hanging Door Wardrobe Storage Organiser

This storage organiser comes on a very heavy duty coat hanger ready to be hung in your wardrobe or on a door.

It is made of a light mesh type fabric that has clear plastic pockets on each side giving lots of storage options.

The ones at the top are suitable for knickers and the bottom ones will fit a bra in. Other pockets may be good for tights, stockings and light socks, or jewellery.

Excellent hanging storage option.

Available for next day delivery on Amazon Prime



Morphy Richards 10 in 1 Supreme Precision Multi Cooker from

Morphy Richards 10 in 1 Supreme Precision Multi Cooker

I recently received this from to review for their website. I received an email to say what day the product would be shipped then a text on the morning of delivery to give me a 4 hour timeslot. You could also check progress on the website and there was a ‘contact the driver’ option if you rang from your registered mobile. Here is the review I submitted.

This smart little gadget comes in a box that clearly displays the functions of this multi cooker on the front, further information is on the sides and the back but all the important information is clearly visible whilst sitting on the shelf.

Once out of the box you notice that the unit is supplied with all the accessories needed to operate and very importantly a clear manual and comprehensive recipe booklet.  Both books give you an understanding of how to operate with numbered pictures and instructions and a whole host of different types of foods to cook, which make full use of all the different functions, including many things you wouldn’t have thought of cooking.  I can’t praise the recipe book enough for its’ ideas and variety.

The appliance itself has a modern white and black base with a stainless steel jug. The lid fits firmly with a twist lock to secure. The jug sits securely in the base unit and is released by pressing a button on the top. The base has four suction pads to hold to the worktop, both design aspects give you confidence that it’s not going to topple over.  I like that despite being a 1.2 l capacity is still small, being a similar size to my toaster. I like to keep my kitchen uncluttered and only have the essentials gadgets out, but I would be happy to have this on my worktop. Also with so many functions there is now no need for a whole cupboard full of gadgets that have just the single use.

I had envisioned using the multi cooker mainly for casseroles and steaming vegetables but I have also used to bake cakes, make smoothies and even ice cream (something I’d never done before). Other functions including fry and sauté for vegetables, boil for pasta and rice dishes, fry to brown off meat before cooking, emulsify for dressings, and stir, mix and blend for puddings and the like. As for the cooking results, I love that the meat dishes come out so tender and vegetables fresh, colourful and flavoursome.

Initially it looks like there are a lot of buttons on the top which is quite daunting but it really is very simple to operate.  There is an option for temperature, blade speed and time. You press the selected button then use the + or – to choose one of 7 temperatures, 10 speeds or a time in minutes.

There are two ways to use the timer – either as you start to cook and you set for say an hour and the clock counts down then beeps when it finishes, or you just press the start button and the clock will start from that time and show you how long you have been cooking for. You can interrupt the timer at any point and reset if you wish.

After use, all the parts can be washed in hot soapy water, then all tools can be stored inside the jug to keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

My only disappointment with this was that I would have preferred the lid to be clear or at least have a clear panel to see how food is progressing when you are using the pulse option to liquidise or chop, as you have to take the lid off to check. Also I thought I would be able to make chips in it when I read there was a fry option but that was my misunderstanding. However I did experiment with sweet potato fries and although they are not like chips they were infact a delicious hot crunchy side dish.

This also comes with a 2 year warranty which is activated when you register your appliance direct with Morphy Richards.


KitchenAid 5KFP1335BOB 3.1 Litre Food Processor – Onyx Black D from AO

KitchenAid 5KFP1335BOB 3.1 Litre Food Processor – Onyx Black D

On opening the box to my new KitchenAid Food Processor I was immediately impressed with the quality and look of the main processor but also the storage case which houses all the blades and discs, not only for neatness but also for the safety factor rather than having them floating round loose in a drawer or cupboard.

Much to the delight of my family, I ordered this to replace a very old food processor.  I was pleased to find that this machine did everything that my last one did and much more too. It is a very smart modern yet retro looking machine so I am more than happy to have it on display on my kitchen worktop rather than hide it away in a cupboard. At a 3.1 litre capacity it is big and suitable for a large family. Small family? Well that’s no problem either as it has a mini bowl and blade that sit inside the main work bowl.  You can use the mini bowl for mixing smaller quantities, making sauces and pestos and chopping things like herbs, nuts, meat and even chocolate.

My main uses for a food processor are for slicing vegetables, grating cheese and carrots, and blending cake and dough mixtures – this caters for all those. You also have an egg whip, perfect if you are making meringues, mousses and puddings.

Don’t be put off by the size of the manual (it is a huge thick book). It is actually only 24 pages long but it comes in many many different languages. There is also a quick reference guide so you know which blade or disc to use for what food item.

This comes with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer so you can buy with confidence.

After giving all the parts a quick wash out in warm soapy water it was all good to go.  The unit is easy to assemble. The main bowl simply twists and clicks in to place and has a quality seal around the edge of the bowl. The blades and discs sit over the centre drive.

If you are blending cake mixture or kneeding dough, you fit the multipurpose blade or dough blade over the drive shaft in the work bowl and lock into place. I particularly love that this has a seal too as I used to get leakage here from my old machine.

It has an off button, variable speed settings and a pulse action operated by push pad buttons on the front which will enable you to make light and perfectly blended mixes.

To slice and shred you attach the disc of choice to the relative disc and drive adapter then onto the power shaft in the work bowl.

I love that you can adjust the thickness of slicing from the lever on the outside. You can cut thick chips or thinly slice vegetables and salad ingredients. There are three sizes of feeding tubes which makes it easier when slicing assorted sized vegetables. It can take a variety of food stuffs including fruit, vegetables, cheeses and chocolate. The smallest feed has a drizzle hole so ideal if you chop a salad or roasting vegetables and want to add some oil or dressing to it.

There are clear maximum level indicators on the side to ensure that you do not overfill your bowl or your chopping feed.

The machine is quiet, smooth and effective. I have used for chopping, grating and blending a cake mix and am totally happy with the results.  I would thoroughly recommend this product.

After use you can either hand wash or put in the top rack of the dishwasher.

It was ordered from who offer free delivery on a day of your choice. I received an email confirmation from them with my own personal order number. I was advised that I would receive a text from the courier DPD on the day of delivery to give me a one hour timeslot. I received my text at lunchtime estimating a delivery between 3.16pm and 4.16pm. It arrived almost to the second of 3.16pm. I then received another email from AO checking that my delivery had been ok and that I was happy with the service received. So good service and great product.


Qedertek solar & battery powered lights

I’ve got many sets of solar lights in my garden  but this is my first set from Qedertek. The thing I like most about these is the size of bulb, very small only about 4-5mm so they are ideal for threading through plant branches so you just see the lights at night rather than the bulb itself. I’ve actually put these on the window sill in my conservatory with the sensor facing outwards to pick up the sunlight to power, but as this set of lights can also be powered by battery I am confident that I will still be able to use these in the winter months when there is less sunlight.

Very happy with our purchase here.


chef’s Humm shower gel and hand wash cream

My son is a chef and showers a couple of times a day especially on a split shift.

He loved this product. It has good quality packaging and the product is a nice consistency. It has cleans well and has a nice fresh smell that helps eliminate kitchen odours.

Available as pump action hand wash cream and flip lid shower gel.