Trimollient Spray

I was lucky enough to trial Trimollient spray for 4 weeks. I used it predominantly for excema on my inner elbows and psoriasis on my outer elbows.

It comes in a nice clean natural looking can but there was no instructions for use printed on the can (unaware if this is because mine was a sample or not). To use you simply twist the top which uncovers the spray nozzle so this is great in preventing any accidental sprays. I used twice daily on each area. The spray shoots out at an angle which may be ok when covering a large area such as back, chest or thigh but it wasn’t much good for the areas I was using on as most of it misses. I tried to get a better aim to no avail and in the end resorted to spraying into my hands and rubbing on. The packaging is a big fail for this product. Maybe I had a faulty container?

However, the emollient itself is really good. It is light and soaks in almost immediately and requires little rubbing in. There is no sticky or heavy residue left. It has a minimal fragrance that is neither unpleasant nor pleasant.

It was extremely effective at calming moderate skin irritation, reducing both the redness and itching. I had one week of extreme stress where my skin flared up considerably and it didn’t do much to sooth that but nothing else does either. Once my stress levels and skin were moderate again the Trimollient was effective once again.

So in summery the emollient is brilliant and extremely effective, I would highly recommend it, I just feel that on this occasion it was let down by lack of instructions and usefulness of the can’s spray direction. If it sprayed at a 90 degree angle that you could aim to desired irritation I would have no hesitation at giving Trimollient 5/5!


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