Rechargeable Portable Mini Handheld Fan by Pomisty

Love this little fan. It is so versatile. It can be hand held or folded shut to sit on your desk. If folded it fit back in its’ box for easy storage or carrying around.

I like that it comes with it’s own rechargeable battery which is ready to go on first use. It can then be recharged with the USB lead provided (you will need your own charging plug or device). This is also great if you are out and about and have a power bank so do not need electricity to charge.

It is 3 power settings, from a light breeze on the lowest to something fairly powerful on the highest. More than adequate to cool you down.

If hand held it is large and sturdy enough to sit comfortably in an adult palm. Folded shut it is sturdy to sit on a work surface. There is a small clip that can be added for desktop use but I didn’t feel this worked particularly well.

At £10 I felt it was slightly pricey (especially as the box and instructions give the impression of it being cheap Chinese rubbish) but I can’t fault the product itself. Very happy to recommend.




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