LnLyin Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge

I was very sceptical about the claims of Magic Erasers, but after having seen many favourable reviews and comments online about them, I gave them a go and was astounded at the results.

Basically they are quite a dense sponge that you wet with a little water then rub on pretty much any mark on many different surfaces and textiles. I particularly like them on skirting boards and door frames as they effortlessly take away scuff marks. I do use them on walls but you do have to take care not to rub too much as it will take away the paint too.  They are good for removing tea stains from cups and spoons too.

This pack of 10 were bought on Amazon for little over £2. They are grey in colour, rather than the bright white of a branded sponge, but that is only cosmetic as the grey doesn’t come off on what you are cleaning. I would say they are not as good quality as the branded version as they do crumble quickly, but for the price these still work out far more cost effective.

I happily recommend these.





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