Pavoi® Stereo Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker

This neat little speaker is small enough to carry around easily yet sturdy enough to stay put, so ideal if you want to move from room to room, or take out with  you.
It is easy to operate and you can in/decrease the volume by holding down the +/-.
It has a really good sound quality and can reach loud volume.
I use by connecting an aux lead to my iPod but it has a bluetooth option.
Once charged it gives several hours playtime.

The only negative, which is true of many bluetooth speakers, is that it speaks to you, to tell you it’s aux/bluetooth etc. It also tells you when it’s low battery which may actually be quite useful, but “the voice” told me that repeatedly at 5am! Lesson learnt though I now actually make sure it is turned off after use.

The negative is not enough to stop me using it though as it is a minor irritation, in comparrison to the great sound and price of this speaker. Happy with purchase.



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