10 Pack Premium Microwave And Dishwasher Safe Plastic Quality Food Containers

We ordered these for my adult son’s packed lunches as he is forever losing them. I figured a pack of 10 would last a while.

I like that they stack inside each other so fit easily in the cupboard without taking up excess room.

They are made of fairly thick plastic, not Tupperware standard but  thicker than your Chinese takeaway cartons.

The lids fit securely.

They are big enough for 4 slices of bread sandwiches, and a pack of crisps or a couple of snack bars which is just what we needed.

At the current price they work out at around £1 ea so comparable with other shops.

I also use them when batch cooking curries, chilli, bolognase etc and find that they transfer well from the freezer to microwave and come out intact from the dishwasher.

Whilst we are happy with purchase they dont last as long as thicker Tupperware type containers and the lids start to chip at the edges after daily use for a few months. I would still buy again as I feel the price is ok and they normally get lost before they get broken in my household!




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