Mimoday Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

Mimoday Bluetooth Speakers Portable Wireless Shower Speaker 5Wx2 with Enhanced Bass, Ipx5 Waterproof and Shock Proof, Portable Speakerphone Built-in Microphone for indoor and outdoor Use (Black) by mimoday
It arrives in a quality presentation box so suitable for gifting if desired.

Inside is a well written user manual, the speaker, a charging lead, and aux jac lead.
The speaker is very robust and well made
The charging/aux points are hidden under a rubber panel at the side and the on/off and volume controls are descreetly positioned on top of the speaker and do not stand out from the sleek design.
Again both cables are quality (I often find I need to use my own with gadgets but not this time).
I left to charge overnight before the first use – it has a red flashing indicator light which turns blue when ready.

To turn on and off you press the circular button down for a few seconds until it beeps and the volume is operated by pressing the – or + .

I initially wanted this to play my ipod with aux lead rather than blue tooth and as you will see in the video, you simply plug in and play.

I then tested with my phone and connected to wireless internet and Bluetooth. My phone found the device within a minute or so and I was able to play the music that was stored on my phone or from You Tube via wireless internet connection (see video)

It is an excellent sound quality for a portable device,  and very good volume level which I was able to adjust via the speaker or on my phone or iPod.

Due to the size it’s easy to take with you to work or the beach or if you wanted to play music in a different part of the house that doesn’t have a sound system in.

I award  5/5 stars without a doubt and would definitely recommend. This is as good a sound as my wired iPod deck.


UPDATE – A year later and it’s still going strong


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