Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend for Sinus and Allergy relief

Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend – Promotes Seasonal Allergy, Sinus & Congestion Relief For Natural Breathe The Holistic Way – 100% Pure Aromatherapy Grade Essetnail Oils – Origin: France, Spain – (Comparable To Doterra Breathe, Young Living, Healing Solutions, Sun Organic, Eden’s Garden) Except Imported Directly From Europe And 100% Authentic – 15ml from Ovvio Oils UK

This is the second oil I have tried from Ovvio Oils UK and once again I am very happy with the oil quality and smell.
It arrives in a smart bottle inside a small bubblewrap bag – I am unsure if this is just a protective packing for posting but I do think for the current price it would be nice to see it in a presentation box.
So the oil itself is made from 6 different oils – the eucalyptus and peppermint are evident and there is also a tinge of a liquorice smell which is very pleasant (it also contains sage, lavender, rosemary and cedarwood).

I suffer with sinus and hayfever problems and this helped a lot.

I placed a couple of drops on a cloth hankerchief and placed underneath my pillow at night which is a time I suffer from a lot of nasal congestion. I have used for three nights and each morning I awoke with clear nasal passages.

You can also sniff direct from the bottle or put in some boiling water to add to steam inhalation for clearing congestion.
It is also good to carry in your bag to take a quick sniff if you suffer with panic attacks.

I am very happy to continue using this.
I award  4/5 stars, it’s a really good oil with good effects but at the current price of almost £30 it’ is very expensive so I have marked down one star for that.




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