Dot&Dot Travel Bottles

Initially I wondered what would be so special about these travel bottles for the price bearing in mind you can buy them from Poundland so was pleasantly surprised when they arrived to find they are SO much better.
They arrive in their own plastic zip case (further protected by a thin resealable plastic bag) so perfect for taking through airport security without the need for additional bags.
Each bottle is made of thick silicone that gives assurance it will not split during transit.
The lid and screw top are well made and easy to open and close.
Each bottle has a suction pad on it so you can stick it to the bathroom tiles of your hotel room.
On each lid there is an option to display different labels for each product ie shampoo, conditioner, sun, lotion or just blank.
They are easy to squeeze when full.
I am extremely happy with these and would buy again.
UPDATE These have been used several times since purchase and are still going strong

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