Harveys Water Softener

My husband has wanted a water softener fitted for a long time and we chose Harvey’s as they are a long established local company. There was no pressure from the sales person and once we had decided to go ahead, it was fitted within a couple of weeks on the day of our choice. The fitter took time to make sure it was fitted in the position most suited to us, irrespective of how much work it involved. It took about half a day to fit.

The cold water supply was softened immediately and we were told that the hot supply might take a couple of weeks. We are extremely impressed with the difference it makes to our previously very hard water. I have listed below some of the benefits we have experienced:

I no longer need to use rinse aid and salt in the dishwasher.
Our dishes and pans have a new lease of life and are so much cleaner with the glasses being clear again.
I use less detergent in my washing machine.
We use less soap, shampoo and shower gel as they lather up so much more with little product.
There are no heavy watermarks on the stainless steel drainer, splashback,  shower screen and taps, making them all much easier to clean.

The kettle no longer has scale on the element – we had previously gone through a lot of kettles due to this weakening the element.

We have had to turn down the temperature on our hot water and have found that radiators at the furthest point of our house now work properly whereas they didn’t before (this wasn’t the case previously even after a British Gas Powerflush)

Our skin feels softer – my husband has a lot of tattoos and people have remarked on how much brighter they look now.

Salt wise we have used almost four block in two months – we were told that the first two would go down quicker than normal use but could expect to use 2 a month.

The only small negative is that I no longer like the taste of drinking water anymore but the added cost of £1 or so a week for bottled spring water is so worth it for the other benefits, it is fine for squash and tea but not straight from the tap in my opinion. However, there is an option to have it plumbed so that it doesn’t affect your drinking water.

Obviously the cost of the unit and fitting is a big outlay but we can’t recommend it highly enough and are very pleased with the both the service from Harveys and the effectiveness of the water softener.



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