Burger Press by Orblue

I have tried several Orblue products before and have always been more than happy with the quality and function. This is no exception.

It arrives in just a clear plastic bag, stamped with “minimum packaging. Helping save the Earth.”  I wholeheartedly agree with less wasteful packaging, however, I feel that a lot of their products would be so nice to give as gifts that it would be preferable in a presentation box, especially at the price tag.

But the product is brilliant. We’ve had fun making our own burgers and at the suggestion of someone else hash browns too.

It comes in three parts made from white plastic.
You simply coat the cases with a little olive oil, put the mince (or food of choice) into the base of the patty maker then press down with the top piece and apply pressure.
Then turn out your perfect patty ready for cooking.
Easy to do, fun for adults and kids alike and a healthier way to cook burgers as you can add your own extras such as onion, garlic, herbs, seasonings and seeds.
Easy to clean too –  a quick brush off with a washing up brush then into the dishwasher.

We rate this product and award  5 /5 stars for quality and being fit for purpose.

BUYER AND PRODUCT ON AMAZON Orblue Burger Press, Hamburger Patty Maker byOrblue



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