Colourful hanging plant pots by Aidoo

This pack of 10 arrive in a plain white box with all the pots stacked inside each other but further protected by individually plastic bags over the pot.
Some of the pots are hard to separate, I had to get my husband to do two lots of two.
Sizewise they were exactly as I’d hoped and fit small plants
They are made of metal and they are very brightly coloured.
Each pot has a hook for hanging. They fit my trellice perfectly but the hook needed pulling out more to fit on the fence panel (obviously will depend on your own fencing but it was easy to do as the metal isn’t that thick and could be done by hand).

As mentioned in other reviews there were no drainage holes in the bottom but as an amateur gardening I don’t find this a problem as I water once a day but not overwatering them. I could be very wrong on this though so will monitor and report back but I am prepared to drill if necessary.
I am chuffed to bits with these, they have really brightened up my garden making plain old tomato plants a feature.
Price wise I think the current price equating to £2 each is about what you’d pay in a garden centre for them.

We award   5/5 stars and are very  happy with our purchase.

At the time of ordering the product was £19.99 and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.

BUYER AND PRODUCT ON AMAZON Aidoo 10x Metal Iron Hanging Flower Pots Balcony Garden Pots Planters Wall Hanging Metal Bucket Flower Holders by Aidoo



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