Wall Mounted Bottle Openers from Orblue

They arrive in a plastic bag with each opener in separate clear plastic bags to protect from scraping each other, so perfectly acceptable for own use but if you wanted to gift this you would need to repack.
They arrive with rawplugs and screws.
There are no instructions but it’s fairly self evident simply attach to the wall then open bottle lid on the tongue of the opener.
They are nice looking pieces in a thick dark stainless steel and very well made.
The top of the opener has OPEN HERE engraved on it which gives it quite a pub feel.
These are suitable for kitchen, garden or even a pub or restaurant.

My son collared these for his party pad and is very happy with them. We award  5/5 stars. I think the current price of £10.97 for two is reasonable.


BUYER AND PRODUCT ON AMAZON Orblue Wall-Mounted Bartender’s Bottle Opener, Set Of 2 by Orblue



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