Mindfulness Meditation Hypnosis by Mark Bowden

I have ordered many cds from Mark Bowden before mostly covering stress related subjects and now find that as soon as I start listening I am immediately in a relaxed state. I can recommend all of Mark Bowden’s cds very highly indeed but if you are in any doubt he offers a money back guarantee.

All his CDs come in 3 parts – an introduction, a daytime session and a night time one. The introduction is a short section that tells you a bit about mindfulness which is having the brain engaged in the current moment rather than worrying about the past or present, and by being mindful you reduce stress and enhance relaxation.  Even though I practise mindfulness during Tai Chi, it is something I still find hard to do as my mind is always racing off somewhere else.

The daytime session lasts half an hour and you are talked into a relaxed state, I am barely aware of what is being said as I totally drift off, but this is ok as your subconscious mind will still take in all the suggestions. Towards the end, on a count of 5 you are then woken feeling invigorated and ready to carry on with your day.  I emerged feeling relaxed but wide awake and looking forward to exercising. Throughout this whole session I was very aware of how relaxed I was.

The night-time session is also half an hour long and is the same as the day session but ends in a more relaxed state enabling sleep to follow. Mark says it is more beneficial to listen to the bedtime session as your sub-conscious will carry on processing the thoughts while you sleep. As with most other times I have listened to Mark’s CDs before bedtime, I fell asleep probably before the ending.

Mark Bowden has a very soothing voice with calming subtle background music during the session.  I would thoroughly recommend this and other associated hypnosis sessions.

You are also offered a free mp3 copy of this cd which is a great idea as I can now put it on my ipod with headphones which is the preferred way of listening as you shut out the rest of the world to enable a more relaxed state. All you have to do is email the seller with your name and order no and they email back with a code to buy the download for free.

Another great session from Mark Bowden, I award 5/5 stars


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