Dental Care Mouthguards

This is a set of two mouthguards that comes in a handy hard plastic travel/storage case. A few years back I had a set made at the dentist which cost me over £80 so I was intrigued to see how the quality of this would compere and how well they would fit.

The base plastic feels a bit hard which is good as that is the bit where your teeth grind together but the sides that fit along your teeth and gums is actually quite soft and pliable. There are easy to follow instructions on how to mould the gum shield to your own mouth by softening in hot water then cooling again, which is very clever and saves a trip to the dentist to get them personally fitted and not to mention a lot of cost.

For the price I think these are very good value and worth a try. (I would like to point out to anyone using a mouth guard for the first time, you do need to persevere – it is a very strange sensation, especially when wearing for sleep as you feel that you want to gag. I would suggest trying to sleep semi upright to start with. It is worth sticking with it as there’s no doubt about it they do stop headaches and problems with your teeth wearing down caused by grinding)

We award  5 /5 stars

BUYER AND PRODUCT ON AMAZON Professional Dental Guard -2(pack)- Stops Teeth Grinding, Bruxism, Tmj, & Eliminates Teeth Clenching .All Orders includes Fitting Instructions & Anti-Bacterial Case. 100% Satisfaction Is guaranteed! from Dental Duty



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