Sensor Soap Dispenser

I have been toying with one of these for a long time as I’m a bit of a neat freak – I like to keep all my surfaces clear and find that soap bottles always look a little scummy after a while.
This arrives in a presentation box depicting item and all features so would be suitable for gifting if desired.
On opening it is further protected by bubblewrap.
It is a sturdy clean white plastic unit with a clear window.
It is operated by 4 x AA batteries (not supplied) then you simply hold your hands under the dispenser to dispense the soap.
It’s a great “novelty” for encouraging kids to wash their hands and an easier option for those who struggle to push down a pump dispenser.
It has a good capacity – approx 2 tubs of a normal liquid soap that you buy in the supermarket.

We award  5/5 stars – we love it for the ease, hygiene and look of the unit.


At the time of ordering the product was £19.99 and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.

UPDATE over a year later and this is still going strong and is one of my all time favourite purchases.

BUYER AND PRODUCT ON AMAZON LemonBest® 600ml Wall-Mount Automatic IR Sensor Soap Dispenser Touch-free Kitchen Soap Lotion Pump for Kitchen Bathroom by Lemonbest


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