Anpro Garden Sensor Light Solar Powered

This arrives in a neat presentation box so suitable for gifting.
It is a very small neat looking gadget that is still able to throw out a lot of light.
Once opened you activate by sticking the “Key” in the start hole on the front and peeling off the protective plastic cover.
It’s simple to install by screwing to the wall or wood work and worked the same day we put up, drawing energy from the sun in the day to power the light at night.
It is dim during normal night light then brightens right up as soon as you are in its vicinity, then going back to dim as soon as you move away from the light.
Great as a security light or just so you can see your door lock when you come in.

We award   5/5 stars

BUYER AND PRODUCT ON AMAZON Anpro 8 LED Solar Lights, Bright 3-in-1 Modes Wireless Waterproof Security Light Motion Sensor Lamp Energy Lights by Anpro



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