Mudder Body Fat Tester

This handy little kit comes with a calliper, tape measure and instructions in a clear resealable plastic bag so handy for storage.
The tape measure is a pliable standard tape measure but encased in a hard plastic shell. You simply pull out to use and press the button to release back into the case. It has a slot where the hard plastic lug at the end of the measure slots into and holds it for ease when measuring arms and legs yourself.
The fat measuring calliper is plastic too but works effectively.
The pictoral and written instructions are clear and come with a body fat chart for men and women.

We award  4/5 stars, as it’s only made of plastic we don’t think it’s going to last forever but it’s a great gadget kit for a budget price and not likely to be subjected to daily use. We recommend it.


BUYER AND PRODUCT ON AMAZON Mudder Personal Body Fat Tester Calipers with Tape Measure and Fat Charts Fitness Measure by Mudder


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