Nasal Strip by Easy Breathe and Sleepeze

We have recently discovered the wonders of nasal strips and have tried a couple of different brands and sizes. So far we have found they have reduced the volume of my husband’s snoring considerably meaning I too am getting a much better night’s sleep. He also says they reduce his congestion and he is able to breathe easier in the morning. These really do work.

Nasal strips generally come in two sizes regular and large – we choose regular even though my husband has quite a pronounced nose.
They are sold in boxes of 30 and 60.

They come with easy to follow instructions in the box.

These are skin tone so can barely be seen once worn.
I have photographed above to show the comparison between large and regular as Sleepeze  and Easy Breathe sell both – as you will see there is quite a bit of difference in size.
They are easy to unpeel, stick well to the nose and do not fall off during the night.
They are comfortable and cannot be felt once on.

They peel off easily in the morning.

We would all thoroughly recommend these and award 5 stars.

PLEASE NOTE that there is a considerable difference in size between the regular and large and is does affect how well they work. We thought my husband had a big nose but the large didn’t work so well on him whereas regular are a huge success. My dad has a big nose and large ones are great for him. We think that it means LARGE on the broadness/width of your nose at the bridge rather than how much it sticks out.

The original pack was supplied at a discounted rate for trial but we have ordered and paid full price for many packs since and will continue to do so as they really do seem to help.


At the time of ordering the product was £13.49 for 60 and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.




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