Venture child safety mirror

This is an exceptional kit that offers great value for money and would make a lovely gift for any new (or old) parent.
It comes in a presentation box that depicts the item and its’ features.
You get 2 free gifts of a baby on board sign and sun shade.

The mirror is already made and ready to be simply strapped onto the back of your headrest. (We used on a Kia Ceed)
The mirror was protected in transit by a thick cover so it arrived in perfect condition.
It has a tilting mechanism on the back so you can get it to the exact position for your family.
It is shatterproof and does not wobble around when driving.
The mirror surround is made of thick yellow plastic.
The fixing straps can be adjusted through the slide buckles then secured with fixing clip together buckles.
The baby on board plague is standard yellow plastic with bold black writing and fixable via a suction pad.
The sunshade is very novel in that it is two side of black netted fabric with what appears to be a plastic sheet inbetween that allows static to attach it to the window with no hooks or suction pads needed.

We think it’s brilliant and such a great price. The company also offer a lifetime warranty.

At the time of ordering the product was £11.99 and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.



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