Sound Intone Bluetooth headphones

Sound Intone P6 Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Headphones, Hi Fi Noise Cancelling On Ear Wireless Headset, With Build in Microphone and Volume Control, Comes With Audio Cable, Compatible With Most Phones/ PC/ Tv/ iPhone/ Samsung/ Laptop (Black/Gold) (Electronics) …………………………………………

These headphones come in a quality presentation box with a clear front that shows off the headphones well, therefore, suitable for gifting.
They come with a user manual.
They look and feel good quality.
They are comfortable to wear.
They have a usb slot for charging with short cable provided.
There is also an aux jack supplied too.
My husband used these for watching tv via his pc which meant he didn’t have to sit so close to the screen.
He is happy with the sound quality.
There is volume control on the ear piece handy when you get overbearingly louder music parts during a film.
They are not 100% noise cancelling but certainly good enough for our use.

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