Cleanmarine Omega 3 Krill Oil for women

The Krill Oil capsules arrived in a bright pink box which was striking and clearly identified the main ingredients and benefits of taking this supplement.  There were 60 capsules of 600mg Krill Oil blend which are a food supplement.

On one side of the box are the nutritional facts and a warning to check with a health practitioner if you are on medication, pregnant or breast feeding and that the capsules contain crustacean extract for people with allergies. As I am on several different medications I checked with my pharmacist first and was assured it was perfectly safe to take them.

On the back of the box it tells you to take two a day (so the box contains one month supply) and gives you more information about Krill, the ingredients and benefits of taking.  And on the final side you have the Company’s contact info and a statement that the MSC’s Global standard for sustainability to protect fish stocks for the future – this was very comforting to read and gave you confidence in the product.

The capsules themselves come in blister packs are red and oval about the size of a baked bean and as they are a capsule they are very easy to swallow.  There is a claim that these have no fishy aftertaste unlike fish oils which I agree with, however, the capsules themselves do smell fishy and leave a smell on your hands just from putting them in your mouth. This is easy removed by washing your hands straight after taking.

I took two tablets daily for four weeks. As for the benefits, well there are an abundance of long term qualities such as sustaining life, maintaining healthy bones, modulating the immune system, supporting your nervous system, keeping energy levels up, lifting mood and aiding concentration. Of course some of these are not noticeable on a daily basis but I did feel that my concentration levels may have been better during the month I took them.  I feel that I would need to take them for several months to evaluate with more confidence. Unfortunately, I have been suffering all Winter with one virus after another and my body, and at times my mind, has been particularly run down. It has been hard to say that I felt better for taking them.

But they get the thumbs up from me for the following: I liked the way they were packaged and  that they were so easy to swallow, as I do struggle with tablets generally. I liked that there was no after taste. After reading about all the benefits I am keen to continue taking them for the long term benefits.


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