Karcher Pressure Cleaner Jet Wash

Spring is on its’ way and it’s time to start getting the garden spruced up again. Rather than spend hours and hours scrubbing the patio with chemical cleaners, my dad suggested I borrow his Karcher Jet Washer. It was easy to connect to a hose pipe using some Hoselock adapters., with one end on the tap and one plugging straight into the base of the machine. Then you simply connect the Jet Washer to an electrical source, turn on the water tap, start the machine up and gently pull back on the trigger.

It has a long lead attached to the nozzle meaning you can leave the machine sitting and still cover a wide area without having to carry it around or move it. The nozzle allows you to concentrate your aim for the high pressured water direction. I prefer to work in rows backwards and forwards until the desired area has been covered. The results are astonishing. It left my path and patio looking like new again. I also used it to wash the upvc door frames and trim on the conservatory, to wash down an old garden bench that I wanted to restain and for blasting weeds that were coming up through the concrete on the edge of the driveway.

I thoroughly recommend this product. It took me less than two hours to do all the above  in my front and back garden leaving a lovely clean and tidy garden with minimal effort and no chemicals whatsoever.

I have put a selection of photos up on our FACEBOOK page so you can see the results.


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