InstaNatural Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Soap

I’ve tried many InstaNatural products before and love the brand. It’s good to know you’re getting naural organic products that are cruelty free too at a reasonable price.

I bought this for my son who is very sporty and has a terrible problem with smelly feet that is often prone to Athlete’s foot too.

The bottle arrived shrink wrapped to protected from spillage but other than that was all good to go. It was in a plain green pump action bottle that was easy to start pumping. The soap is a clear fairly thick gel type liquid that smells delicious of tea tree oil obviously and nothing else. You don’t need to use much for it to lather before rubbing into the skin so the bottle will last a very long time.

After rinsing and drying he said his feet felt clean and fresh and it certainly eliminated the odour that we are used to.

We have been happy using this product. We would recommend this use this soap for use on affected areas which would work out as good value for money. It might be a little expensive to use on the whole body unless you are using as a treat or on occasion.  Tea tree oil has great natural antiseptic, anti odour and healing properties and is recommended for use on acne, bacteria, jock itch, dry skin, ringworm and nail fungus.

At the time of ordering the product was £14.95   and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.

Product link:


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