Alpro Dairy Free Desserts

Due to some ongoing medical ailments, I decided to try going Dairy Free in my diet to see if it made any difference. I wasn’t too concerned as I’m not a big cheese eater, I’d found that rice milk was a suitable replacement in my tea and coffee but my big downfall was going to be chocolate. I LOVE chocolate! I eat at least one bar a day and saw it as a necessity as much as an addiction. So whilst searching out what dairy free products are out there, I came across Alpro desserts. The vanilla is a good custard replacement but the chocolate puddings, especially the dark chocolate ones are to die for . They are smooth, light but filling and definately give you a tasty chocolate hit. Thanks to these I have been able to give up my daily chocolate bar in a totally pain free way. Not only are they low in fat and calories, they have cured my chocolate addiction. And I’ve lost a few 1lb in weight too. They can be found in most supermarkets in the free from aisle or long life products.



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