iPad Air Lightweight Case by Rhino Cases

This is a great budget case for your iPad Air and you get so much for your money. The case itself comes in a hard plastic presentation wallet so it looks nice and would be suitable to give as a gift. Inside there is a card showing the difference between an iPad Air and iPad Air 2 to make sure you are buying the right case. We ordered purple and it is a nice deep but bright colour. There are lots of other colours available too. The front of the case has the RC Rhino Cases logo on it and the case has a smooth clean feel to it. It is concertinered to enable you to make it stand. On opening you see that you not only get the case but a colour match stylus, a screen protector and a cleaning cloth so this is really good value. The inside of the flap is a suade effect. The part where your iPad sits is a hard yet flexible plastic.
Like Apple cases this case has the sleep/wake function when enabled.

For a budget case I would recommend it. I don’t think  it would last as long as a thick leather case but for the price and the benefit of having something lightweight and not too bulky you cant go wrong. It will certainly protect your iPad from knocks, scratches and breakage if dropped.

At the time of ordering the product was £7.99

Product link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ultra-Generation-released-November-compatibility-Purple/dp/B015A897Q4


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