InstaNatural Organic Jojoba oil

I have recently been using Argan Oil as a massage oil and on my hands/nails to try and get some moisture back in to them. On reading that Jojoba Oil had similar benefits I was keen to try out its’ uses for rehydrating my hands and strengthening my nails. It can also be used as a moisturiser for hair, face, skin and to improve softness and radiance of skin as a whole.

I have used InstaNatural products before and like that they are 100% certified organic so you can be confident that you are using all natural products on your skin.

It comes in a large 4oz glass bottle which I think is going to last a very long time. The bottle is packaged in a plain brown card box but I still think it would be suitable as giving as a gift as it highlights the natural aspect of the product. On unscrewing the bottle there is a quality glass pipet to allow you to dispense the oil. This is so handy as it saves on mess and allows you to use just what you need. I found I needed about 6-8 drops placed on the back of each hand which I rubbed in a little then performed a motion similar to washing hands to spread the oil over both sides of my palms, fingers and wrists. I then massaged each nail ensuring I worked it into the cuticles. So you can see that only using around 16 drops each time, the bottle will last a very long time making it cost effective.

The oil is very light, a total different texture to the aforementioned Argan oil. It rubs in easy, soaks in quickly and is non greasy. I like this, I would buy again and would recommend this product.

At the time of ordering the product was £13.99 reduced from £49.95   and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.

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