Eat like a Spartan Ebook by Daniel Cook – Mediterreanean Diet & Recipes

I like to read about different sorts of diets and flick through to find new recipes to try. I have to say this has been my favourite so far.

The author Daniel Cook gives a lot of information on the history, benefits, myths and principles of the Mediterreanean diet. He encourages you to look at it as more a way of life than a diet where you deprive yourself. Hey you are even encouraged to have a glass of wine a day so I think this will go down well with a lot of people, haha! It is all about changing your ways as well as your food intake to maintain an active balance of work, play, socialising, healthy eating and exercise.

You are given an example of a 7 day meal plan, a 30 day exercise challenge then pages and pages of recipes for breakfast, mains and smoothies.

The author also offers further free recipe books and offers to his readers. I thoroughly enjoyed this a good read with lots of recipes to try.


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