Snugg iPad Air 5 flip stand leather case

This is a really good quality PU leather case for the iPad Air. We have had other products by Snugg before and they have all been top notch. I ordered this for my son who is delighted with it. It comes in a clear plastic wallet with card sleeve illustrating the product so would be good for giving as a gift. Our case was black but this case does come in lots of colours.

On taking it out of the packaging you can see the great quality of the leather and the white stitching on the outside. It has the Snugg logo embossed on the front. On opening you see that it has been protected in storage and transit by a polystyrene insert and silica gel and there you also find instructions for registering your product for the lifetime guarantee. The iPad fits snugly into the slot but lifting the Velcro seal and sliding in then resealing the velco to hold securely in place. All the holes for camera etc line up. The right hand side of the case is a lovely soft suade type leather with a one hand handle. There is another Snugg logo this time a fabric insert which just adds to the quality look of the case. The left hand side of the case also has two folds for you to bend backwards and insert into the slot on the back of the case to make a stand for your iPad – great if you use it for watching tv or a You Tube clip. This works really well.

I would recommend this case but it does come with a lifetime guarantee so you really cant go wrong.


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