Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks Hypnosis cd

This is the second cd I have ordered from Mark Bowden having previously listened to his Guided Relaxation Hypnosis cd which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I have suffered from anxiety and depression on and off for 25 years so I am always up for trying any alternative/self help. I have suffered severe panic attacks at certain periods in my life and although they are pretty much under control now I am aware that they can strike at even time. Thankfully I am feeling well at the moment I think most of us all lead such busy hectic stressful lives we could all do with some relaxation. I thought if nothing else this cd would allow me to take half an hour out to switch off and relax.

As I mentioned  on my other review I was a little disappointed to see that the cd only came in a plastic slip wallet, I feel that if people were paying almost £11 for the cd it could have at least come in a hard jewel case. I’m not one for overpackaging but I think cds need to be in a hard case for protection and longevity. But that is where my critism ends. I really like this cd.

It comes in 3 parts – an introduction, a daytime relaxation session and a night time one. The introduction on this cd is more of a consultation and lasts much longer than the relaxation one. It tells you far more about how panic attacks and the mind work with examples on the scientific basis of them. I found that really interesting whilst at the same time already falling into a relaxed state.

The daytime session is half an hour long and takes you through a relaxation process of the whole body, then takes you through self help imagery imaging your mind as a computer and you are shutting off all the unnecessary apps. You are then woken feeling invigorated and ready to carry on with your day.  I emerged feeling relaxed but wide awake. Throughout this whole session I was very aware of how relaxed I was and was able to visualise clearly what Mark was saying. (I even had a phone call during the session and I was able to answer and go straight back into the trance – I advise to turn your phone off first though).

The night-time session is also half an hour long and takes you on a similar journey but ends in a more relaxed state enabling sleep to follow. I fell asleep straight away and can’t remember the ending so it obviously worked very well as I normally toss and turn for ages before falling asleep. This happened with the relaxation therapy cd of his I listened to as well.

Mark Bowden has a very soothing voice with calming subtle background music during the session.

I loved both the sessions and the consultation session at the beginning and will definitely listen to on a regular basis.

You are also offered a free mp3 copy of this cd which is a great idea as I can now put it on my ipod with headphones which is the preferred way of listening as you shut out the rest of the world to enable a more relaxed state. All you have to do is email the seller with your name and order no and they email back with a code to buy the download for free.
I would thoroughly recommend this cd to anyone suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia or indeed to anyone who needs a little bit of time out. It is almost a free pamper treatment. I will be recommending it to many of my friends and family that suffer.
I always check reviews before buying any products so that I can make more of an informed choice and see further photos of the actual product rather than a stock photo. In turn, I like to share my thoughts on products and services that I have experienced. This product was received free in exchange for feedback and an honest review.

At the time of ordering the product was £10.97 and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.

Product link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Overcome-Anxiety-Panic-Attacks-Hypnosis/dp/B00KMSIPDE


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