Micro fibre towel by Structure

This handy micro fibre towel is great for taking to the beach, festivals, gym or just having handy in the car or your changing bag if you’re a parent. We ordered in blue but it also comes in a variety of bright funky colours.

It arrives in a drawstring carry bag which keeps it neat and is easy to roll back up and fit back into.  On unrolling you see it has a handy little zipped slot to keep your mobile phone in. When I read this in the description I was a little worried that the zip would scratch you as you used it to dry but it is cleverly sown under the seam and only a small rounded zipper tag sticks out. This would be handy if you were using at to sit on at the beach or for a picnic.  Size wise 130 x 80cm it is just big enough to wrap around your mid body or waist. The fabric itself is not at all what I was expecting, it is slightly reminiscent of an old style flannelette sheet in texture and thickness, not like the micro fibre cloths I use to clean with. I used it after a shower and surprisingly it does indeed dry you off and then dry itself back off very quickly – I just hung it over the banister.

Product link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Microfibre-Towel-Zipper-Pocket-130cm/dp/B00P53J4NQ




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