KooPower Nose, Ear & Facial Hair Trimmer

Unfortunately we’ve reached an age where a nose trimmer is an essential bit of kit for both male and female. We’ve previously had cheap ones from the Pound shop which as expected weren’t really up to the job so had high hopes of this more expensive nose trimmer.

It comes in a smart box illustrating the parts of the trimmer with clear instructions on use. It is then protected further by a bubblewrap pouch.  The KooPower is slightly thicker but shorter than a whiteboard pen giving you a good grip. It has a sturdy plastic lid to protect the blade.   It needs a AA battery to operate which wasn’t included but this was stated in the ad giving you the chance to purchase in advance if you don’t have any at home. It was a little tricky to open the battery compartment but I’m guessing that’s just where it’s new and at least it means it wont fall off (it’s just a twist action).

Once the battery is in, you simply push the slider button and it turns on. A light comes on and it makes a fast low whirring sound, more so than others we’ve bought which made me think it was going to be more powerful. It was! It cut ear and nose hair perfectly well as you are able to get up close to the root of the hair as the blade has a smooth round guard over it.

It also comes with a little cleaning brush for use after each cutting which helps to maintain the machine and promote it’s lifetime.

Product link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/KooPower-EB-1353-Nose-Trimmer/dp/B0153590Q6



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