Steampunk Fresh Ink Tattoo Aftercare

All of our family have tattoos of varying ages from 1 year to 30 years old so were keen to test this product for brightening up old tattoos.

The balm comes in a screw top tin with a cool old school style design on the top. It is easy to unscrew and inside there is 60ml of hardened balm. It has a very light fresh clean fragrance that is slightly menthol in aroma.  The ingredients are stated as 100% natural. The tin is approx 7cm in diameter and 3cm deep so you get an awful lot of product for your money.

Luckily all my tattoos are as bright as the day I had them done but my husband suffers from very dry skin where he is tattooed, which tends to make his tattoos look faded and dull, so we tried this on him.

You only need to  use a little, which you apply by scooping some out of the tin then rubbing it between your finger tips (as you would for a hair wax/clay) then rub over the tattooed area. It is fairly easy to rub in. He has used this for a few days now and his tattoos indeed look brighter.

As none of us are currently about to have a new tattoo we have been unable to test on fresh ink which is why I have only given it a four star as I feel it would not be fair to give five when we have only tested part of the product’s uses. As soon as we can rectify that we will come back and update our review with our findings.

Since the age old popular trick of applying a nappy cream to fresh tattoos is no longer advised due to the change in ingredients, it would be great to see this as an alternative.

At the time of ordering the product was £14.97 and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.

Product link:


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