InstaNatural Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

This eyelash enhancing serum from InstaNatural arrives in a classy looking matt black box with silver lettering. On the outside are the ingredients, directions and a bit about the product. Inside the box the serum itself comes in a chrome look container very similar to mascara (so it is handy for keeping in your make up bag or handbag). I was expecting a mascara type wand but the applicator has a fine brush on the end.

I was keen to try this lash enhancer as I only wear a clear mascara and as I’m getting older my lashes and brows are starting to thin. I have used InstaNatural products before so was very happy with the brand but as I have sensitive eyes and am dubious about putting something new on it I used it on my eyebrows first just to make sure I had no reaction. It was easy to apply, the serum felt cold as you brush it onto your brows with gave a nice soothing effect. I felt no sting or irritation. (The serum is advertised at brows as well as lashes)

After using for a couple of days, I started to apply to my lashes, brushing on close to my lash line. I do think this would be easier to do yourself if it had a mascara type wand but I just got someone else to apply to my lashes for me instead. As per advice I used twice daily on a cleansed face without make up. The product claims to have noticible effects within 30 days. As I had this product for review I can say that after two weeks of using I think I am starting to see a thickening of my brows so I am anticipating a good outcome. However, at this time for the purpose of submitting a review I have tried to give you more information about the product and application. I will return to update when I have been using it for longer.

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