InstaNatural Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

This eyelash enhancing serum from InstaNatural arrives in a classy looking matt black box with silver lettering. On the outside are the ingredients, directions and a bit about the product. Inside the box the serum itself comes in a chrome look container very similar to mascara (so it is handy for keeping in your make up bag or handbag). I was expecting a mascara type wand but the applicator has a fine brush on the end.

I was keen to try this lash enhancer as I only wear a clear mascara and as I’m getting older my lashes and brows are starting to thin. I have used InstaNatural products before so was very happy with the brand but as I have sensitive eyes and am dubious about putting something new on it I used it on my eyebrows first just to make sure I had no reaction. It was easy to apply, the serum felt cold as you brush it onto your brows with gave a nice soothing effect. I felt no sting or irritation. (The serum is advertised at brows as well as lashes)

After using for a couple of days, I started to apply to my lashes, brushing on close to my lash line. I do think this would be easier to do yourself if it had a mascara type wand but I just got someone else to apply to my lashes for me instead. As per advice I used twice daily on a cleansed face without make up. The product claims to have noticible effects within 30 days. As I had this product for review I can say that after two weeks of using I think I am starting to see a thickening of my brows so I am anticipating a good outcome. However, at this time for the purpose of submitting a review I have tried to give you more information about the product and application. I will return to update when I have been using it for longer.

This product would be nice to buy for yourself or as a gift due to its’ nice packaging.
My family and I always check reviews before buying any products so that we can make more of an informed choice and see further photos of the actual product rather than a stock photo. We in turn like to share our thoughts on products and services that we have experienced. This product was received free in exchange for feedback and an honest review. We have tried to give as much information as possible. At this point in time are able to provide a review based on short term usage. However, we will return to this review in the future to re-comment if we are able to add any additional information.  We hope this has helped you make your purchase choice.

At the time of ordering the product was £21.95 reduced from £59 and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.

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