Poundland Mighty Oven Cleaner

I love to clean but that love does not extend to ovens. Luckily I can pass that chore on to my husband (fair’s fair, I do the gardening and the decorating) but it was still an ordeal as another brand of oven cleaner gave off such horrible fumes that always affected my asthma.

Someone recommended Mighty Oven Cleaner from Poundland so “we” thought we’d give it a go. One box contains all you need – the bottle of cleaner, the bag for cleaning the racks, and a pair of gloves. As we have a double oven we bought two boxes to make sure we had enough but in the end we still only need 1.5 boxes to clean both. Obviously at only £1 a box it was costing considerably less than our previous brand.

The cleaning solution is indeed fragrance free and so easy to use.
Take the metal racks from the oven and place in the plastic bag provided. Add most of the thick liquid and massage in to the racks. Squirt the remainder onto the bottom of the oven. After a couple of hours, check the racks and move the liquid around from the outside of the bag to make sure that all parts have been covered. We tend to leave overnight but you don’t have to leave it that long. Then rinse the liquid off the shelves and wipe the bottom of the oven clean with a damp cloth and it really does leave your oven looking like new.

No mess, no trouble, no fumes. We are very happy with this product and would recommend.


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