Guided Relaxation Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy CD by Mark Bowden

I have suffered from anxiety and depression on and off for 25 years so I am always up for trying any alternative/self help. Even though I am feeling well at the moment I think most of us all lead such busy hectic stressful lives we could all do with some relaxation. I thought if nothing else this cd would allow me to take half an hour out to switch off and relax.

On receiving the cd I was a little disappointed to see that the cd only came in a plastic slip wallet, I feel that if people were paying almost £11 for the cd it could have at least come in a hard jewel case. I’m not one for overpackaging but I think cds need to be in a hard case for protection and longevity. But that is where my critism ends. I really like this cd.

It comes in 3 parts – an introduction, a daytime relaxation session and a night time one. The introduction really only needs listening to once and is just a few minutes long to tell you the benefits of relaxation and the effects of stress on not just the mind but the body.

The daytime session is half an hour long and takes you through a relaxation process of the whole body, then focuses on breathing and then takes you on a visualisation journey before waking you to leave you feeling invigorated and ready to carry on with your day.  I emerged feeling relaxed but wide awake.

The night-time session is also half an hour long and takes you on a similar journey but ends in a more relaxed state enabling sleep to follow. I, in fact fell asleep straight away and can’t remember the ending so it obviously worked very well as I normally toss and turn for ages before falling asleep.

Mark Bowden has a very soothing voice with calming subtle background music during the session.

I loved both the sessions and will definitely listen to on a regular basis. I loved the visualisation journeys. I have undergone this sort of treatment before during reflexology and healing and it is one I can totally identify with and is one of my favourite locations to visit in my mind.

You are also offered a free mp3 copy of this cd which is a great idea as I can now put it on my ipod with headphones which is the preferred way of listening as you shut out the rest of the world to enable a more relaxed state. All you have to do is email the seller with your name and order no and they email back with a code to buy the download for free. I emailed on a Saturday night, received an immediate acknowledgement and the code was emailed back by Sunday morning.

I would thoroughly recommend this cd to anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia or indeed to anyone who needs a little bit of time out. It is almost a free pamper treatment and as the cd says “massage for your mind”
At the time of ordering the product was £10.97 and was ordered using the Amazon Prime Service which was delivered the next day.

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