Puridea Portable Charger External Battery Pack

We ordered for my son to take camping with him to give additional phone life when he can’t get to a power point to charge his phone.

It comes in a smart box so ideal as giving as a gift and contains the charger, a small USB cable with micro connector that fits most Android devices, clear instructions and warranty card. The device itself is really attractive, a little smaller than a smartphone with a smooth finish – grey on one side and white on the other.

For our first use we charged the unit for an hour to make sure it had a full charge (it arrived ¾ charged so could have been used immediately). This is done by simply plugging in the micro connector to the charger and the usb into a charging plug. There are blue circular lights that tell you how much the unit is charged.

The unit has 2 USB and 1 micro port allowing 2 gadgets to be charged at once. Once fully charged we connected a Kindle with the connector provided and a Samsung Galaxy with our own lead. To start charging you press the circular button once – it is that easy. The Galaxy was at 75% and fully charged within an hour. The Kindle was at 7% and took 3 hours to reach full charge. We then put the charger back on charge as that was reduced to 25%.

We are all very happy with this item and would recommend. It’s great to have that piece of mind that you can recharge your phone or device anywhere that doesn’t have a plug socket. It’s so slim too that is easy to pack in a handbag or even a coat pocket.

Product link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B019RBFQEC


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