Lanktoo In car smartphone holder

We already use a windscreen mountable smartphone holder in our van but wanted one for the car as we now use the GPS on the mobile in place of a Sat Nav favouring the real time updates to traffic congestion.

The holder arrived in a plain brown cardboard box which is good as it doesn’t use unnecessary packaging. It is made from heavy duty black plastic with a blue rubber inner – it looks very robust.  Our phone, a Samsung Galaxy fit snugly in the adjustable arms which can be opened and closed at the press of the button on the back.

We originally had a lot of problems fitting this as we tried to fit on the air vents in the centre of the car dashboard which can be moved in different directions. The phone holder wobbled around no end so we thought we must be doing something wrong. We contacted the seller to ask for instructions. They replied promptly and directed us to a You Tube Tutorial. We saw that we had set it up correctly but tried it on the vent on the driver’s site instead which was a fixed angled vent. It fitted with ease and held the phone holder and phone firmly in place. The phone can then be moved to angle of preference as the holder has a pivot.

We are happy with the product and the service received from the seller and would recommend, but I am giving it a slightly lower rating as I feel the problems we faced could have been avoided with a simple instruction sheet of how to fit with advice to only fit onto fixed air vents only.

UPDATE still going strong over a year later.

At the time of ordering the product was £7.99 and received next day on Amazon Prime Service.

Product link:


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