LUPO® Bike Bicycle Extra Comfort Soft Gel Foam Seat Saddle Cushion Cover

What a great idea this cushioned seat cover is not only for comfort but for covering a dirty or wet seat before you ride.

It comes in black and secured onto your existing seat by a drawstring around the underside. It has a moulded cushioned gel foam pad that over time moulds to your own body for additional comfort and protection again friction burns and sores when riding a bike over a lengthy period.

It is advertised as one size fits all and as fitting exercise bikes too. My son used this on his mountain bike saddle and says it is much more comfortable. Unfortunately I was unable to try it on my exercise bike as it is an older model with a very large seat so please read the dimensions before assuming it will fit older machines. That was a shame as that seat could do with some padding and would have been an added bonus but the cover was bought for a normal bike seat.

The cover itself is very well made with secure stitching and no loose ends.

I would recommend this product.

At the time of ordering the product was £6.99 reduced from £14.99

Product link:


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