InstaNatural Organic Argan Oil – For Hair, Face, Skin & Body

I predominantly ordered this for use on my nails although it is advertised towards Hair, Face, Skin and Body.

I have suffered a long term bout of Winter illness and found that that along with the menopause is causing my hands and nails to dry out considerably to the extent that my nails are ridged and breaking off down to the skin. My usual handcream just wasn’t doing any good at all.

I was attracted to this product from its’ organic certifications and that the batches are regularly harvested to ensure freshness with nothing artificial added.

It arrived with a sealed heavy duty lid with a pump action nozzle separately which I thought was useful if you wanted to transport in your bag in the future. It advised using 3 or 4 drops in your hand, rubbing together then applying to area. This was easy to do and I massaged into each cuticle and my hands.

The oil itself was quite course which I liked as it dried in quickly and didn’t leave any sticky or oily residue. It had a faint pleasant smell but barely noticeable. You can add your own essential oils to the argan oil if you wanted something more aromatic.

I used this before bed daily and on occasions during the day for one week before writing my review.  Although my hands still look dry they feel considerably softer and I hope that with continued daily use I should start to notice a visible difference.

This also works very well as a massage oil and I prefer it to baby oil as it doesn’t have the nasty smell

Although the bottle may seem quite expensive initially, only a little is needed application and the big bottle is going to last a very long time so I think it works out extremely good value for money.

I would recommend this product. Although the initial bottle was free for review, I have since gone on and purchased at the full price and use Argan oil daily on my hands and nails and for massage.

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