Grunwerg Dual Salt and Pepper Grinder

I ordered this because I liked the concept of a dual salt and pepper grinder and the clean modern look. It comes nicely presented in a plastic carded display box. It’s clearly labelled with S at one end and P at the other. The stainless steel finish looks modern and of good quality and it is easy to unscrew each end to fill up with condiments. The inner section is a clear plastic which I feel does let it down a little and would have been better suited to glass, but it does feel fairly thick so unlikely to break. The grinder action of both the salt and pepper is superb and cannot be faulted – easy to use and smooth mechanism. However, this grinder is totally let down by the fact that the lids do not fix into the ends properly and fall off when you lift it spilling loose bits of salt and pepper.

I would recommend this product as a grinder but not overall as a complete product.  I wish I had gone to my local supermarket where I could have bought a better quality salt and pepper grinder filled with condiments for the same price.



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